Wake Transit Community Engagement Policy Update 2022 Public Comment Period Website Content

45-day public review and comment period for the Wake Transit Community Engagement Policy update is scheduled for August 15, 2022 – September 29, 2022

The policy document is available now on this webpage for your review. Your comments may also be submitted at the designated space on this page. Your input is vital to helping guide this policy so that Wake Transit can better serve your community and plan effectively for the future.

The purpose of the Wake Transit Community Engagement policy is to build upon, develop, and maintain a thoughtful set of guiding principles to apply to the development of community engagement strategies designed to increase community awareness of the Wake Transit program. The Wake Transit Community Engagement policy is also designed to maximize communications with the public and other stakeholders related to the services and investments funded through the Wake Transit program. 

The annual Wake Transit Work Plan allocates projected revenues to fund service investments and capital projects that will improve and expand Wake County’s transit network in the upcoming fiscal year (July-June). These investments are designed to support the Wake Transit Plan’s “Four Big Moves,” which: 1) Connect the region; 2) Connect all Wake County communities; 3) Create frequent and reliable urban mobility; and, 4) Enhance access to transit.

The Work Plan carefully stewards these taxpayer dollars into intentional capital and operating investment in transit. A total of $121.7 million in revenue is budgeted in the Recommended Wake Transit Work Plan for FY 2023. It is estimated that $107.5 million of that total will be collected through the transit-dedicated, half-cent sales tax, with the balance derived from a mixture of other funding sources. 

The policy seeks to improve Wake Transit’s engagement processes and outcomes by encouraging a consistent, transparent approach, and continual learning through evaluation that optimizes engagement methods. This policy acknowledges thefact that public input is a crucial element in planning for effective transit, as well as the prioritization and implementationof public transportation services that meet the needs of residents and the community.

Public engagement focuses on gaining meaningful public input and feedback to inform the development of a WakeTransit-funded investment including any associated outreach, promotion, marketing, advertising, public relations,relationship building, or communications activities.

The goal of public engagement is to acquire feedback from all sectors of the community in order to identify the transitneeds and priorities that ensure transportation plans are fair across all levels of society. Public input helps planning staffincrease their awareness of potential adverse effects and implement efforts to mitigate the costs in favor of benefits thatserve the greater good.

Public engagement delivers opportunities for our community to participate in Wake Transit’s decision-making process,ensuring outcomes that benefit the greater good of the community by reflecting the opinions expressed through thegathering of meaningful input.

View the policy here.

There are several additional ways to submit comments on the policy:

  • Email: publicengagement@gotriangle.org 
  • Mail: GoTriangle, ATTN: Wake Transit Community Engagement Policy, 4600 Emperor Blvd., Suite 100, Durham, NC 27703 
  • Text “Comment” to 73224 (charges may apply)
  • Call 855-925-2801 (toll-free) and enter code 3659 to leave a voicemail. 
  • Fill the survey out below.